Thursday, May 31, 2007

Someone Else's Knitting

This blog is about a group. Some of the group don't have the access to a computer right now to allow them blogging time, so I am here to help out!

Sunmi is our free thinking knitter. She dreams up a pattern and begins to knit. She is quite capable of ripping and reknitting until her pattern works the way she wants it to (or the way her amount of yarn dictates).

This lovely little cardigan is a perfect example. The red wool was Kool-aid dyed. She took it, paired it with a grey and white, and created this adorable sweater. It has been reworked a few times, but now is closing in on being finished. Remember folks, this is all with only the idea in her head!

The poor quality of photos is totally my fault. You can't see the variegation of the red well, but it is so pretty with the grey.

The amazing thing is Sunmi has three other projects like this, just being thought up as she knits.

Way to go Sunmi!

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