Thursday, May 31, 2007

Someone Else's Knitting

This blog is about a group. Some of the group don't have the access to a computer right now to allow them blogging time, so I am here to help out!

Sunmi is our free thinking knitter. She dreams up a pattern and begins to knit. She is quite capable of ripping and reknitting until her pattern works the way she wants it to (or the way her amount of yarn dictates).

This lovely little cardigan is a perfect example. The red wool was Kool-aid dyed. She took it, paired it with a grey and white, and created this adorable sweater. It has been reworked a few times, but now is closing in on being finished. Remember folks, this is all with only the idea in her head!

The poor quality of photos is totally my fault. You can't see the variegation of the red well, but it is so pretty with the grey.

The amazing thing is Sunmi has three other projects like this, just being thought up as she knits.

Way to go Sunmi!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Spring is in the Air!

Woo hoo, spring is here at last! The garden is all abuzz with new flowers every week, and the sunshine sure feels nice. Last year I added alliums to the beds, scattered here and there. Aren't they awesome? The bees really like them as well.

I have started two new projects. One is a secret, so you just get a peek for now .... red and white!

The other one is a baby blanket for yet another baby at Mr. Kate's work. This is being made in CottonTots (Bernat) and will be randomly striped. Mr. Kate is quite bothered by the sudden baby boom at his work -- he thinks he better not drink the water for a while!

I hope to have some knitting from other members of this group in the next couple of days, there are some lovely little girl clothes being put together!

Monday, May 21, 2007

It Rained and Then the Sun Came Out

What a fabulous long week-end! It did rain Saturday and both Friday and Saturday night, but Sunday and Monday were sunny. And we don't mind the weather, it all adds something to the experience. We really love Ralph River ... let me show you why.

The lake (Buttle Lake) was really low, although not quite as low as last year at this time. I love these old stumps -- it all looks so prehistoric.

There was a fish caught! The pontoon boat didn't get into action as it was a long hike to the water, but they did manage to catch a fish today.

Walking along the lake past Ralph River. This is where we like to swim in the summer, although the water then is much higher!

And what's this?

What, you thought I might forget the sweater? Note how well the neckline turned out, I simply picked up in the round, purled one row and then cast off in knit (to get a two row garter edge). I love it.

In the salal of the campsite, we find the sweater at home. Warm, cozy and oh so stylish (ha ha). Fits just as I wanted it to.
to recap:

pattern is the incredible custom-fit raglan from woolworks (see link in an earlier post)

yarn is 100% unknown fibre, bought at Z*llers for $4.99 for 454 grams. Didn't use the whole bag, so cost was about $4.25.

time to knit, about three weeks I think, once I started to knit it seriously (cast on a while ago). I'll have to start taking better notes on these things.

Happy Victoria Day!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Greens and Blues

The sweater is done! Finished weaving in the ends this morning. I will take it to Ralph River and see if I can do a photo shoot that produces green with my blue (heh heh). I really really love this $5 sweater, it fits perfectly and is so comfy.
Pictures next week!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We Have Pictures

Guess I should have read the small print about not being able to upload TIFF files, eh? Too bad, as they degrade faster in jpeg format. Anyhoo, here are my blue pictures, to go with Shan's stunning blue sweater (love it).

We have perennial bachelor buttons -- cool huh?

And we have blue sweater. Sleeve 2 is growing!

Woo Hoo!

February 1 to May 7
From Knitting Nature
100% cotton, $24 worth of yarn
Verdict: I like. Out of 10 possible stars I'm giving this sweater 8. I have to deduct 2 for the shortness and loose fit.
Knit Again? Yes, but I'd change the above-mentioned fit.

Blue Days

We are all about the blue -- blue sky, blue knitting, blue flowers!!
My raglan sweatshirt is almost done!! I am on the second sleeve, and somehow, knowing I don't have to sew it in, I'm not stuck on the sleeve island. Yay! We have determined that it must be some sort of chenille blend, as it is very soft. Perfect sweatshirt material. And it fits just the way I wanted it to. There will be many more of these sweaters in the future, I think. Especially if I can do them all on 6mm needles!!
Well, I had photos but apparently they can't be uploaded at the moment, so we will try the photos at a later date. I had a couple of the blue perennial bachelor buttons just for you, Shan!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's All in the Math

So I am LOVING this pattern and the sweater it is creating. I am using the incredible, custom-fit raglan sweater pattern found at WoolWorks, and it is so much fun. I'm doing it with an unknown fibre yarn that I picked up for $5 a bag (454grams) at Z*llers (figuring if the pattern didn't work out no big loss), and it turns out I am loving the colour and the semi-striping happening with it. So far the shaping and the sizing seems to be working, and it is knitting up quickly. Until I could put the sleeves on waste yarn people were sort of puzzled by the whole thing, but once you could 'see' the sleeves it made more sense. I think it will have 2x2 ribbing at the sleeves and bottom, and a very simple neck edging. Definitely see more playing with this pattern in the future! Thanks to the equations being set out in the pattern (you just plug in the measurements required) the possibilities are endless. I do love math!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Oh Gosh, Oh Golly, OGEE!

Oh yeah, she be done.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I think I might have figured this out....

So here are two of my current favourite knitting projects. Shaker, from Rowan (designed by Kim Hargreaves), being knit in Elle Cotton Fields 4 ply, 50% cotton/50% Dralon. My mum picked up this yarn on a trip to South Africa, to knit a cotton sweater for my son. There was a lot left over. It is a true red, not orange/red like the picture. A departure from my usual shades of green, but I figure with the lace it won't be too much for me!

The next project is a sock using Wendy's generic toe-up Feather and Fan pattern. This is my first toe-up sock, which makes it special. And yes, sock number 2 is on the needles!
The yarn is Super Socks, 75%superwash wool and 25%Polyamide. A little crunchier than Kroy to knit up but I think with washing that will go away. This pattern thrilled me, and caused me to show everyone I could to look at the cool toe (!!) I just made. No, really, LOOK!

Finally we have beautiful Parrot Tulips. A new addition planted last fall, and a good reminder that even with our bleah weather, spring is here!