Monday, April 30, 2007

Knit or Garden - the Eternal Question of Spring

Of course, with this weather on our West Coast it's not a hard question, as we haven't had much of a spring! But I am feeling the pull of the outdoors more these days, as the tulips bloom and the bridal wreath spirea is so gorgeous with its sprays of white flowered branches. The peas are finally poking up, and the spinach as well.

I finished the three cardigans, and they were packed up with the pinwheel blanket and delivered (through hubbie's work). The baby apparently still fits the arms and length of that teeny tiny one (!) although it doesn't button up on him. As it is spring I figure that is ok. Plus there are two more in slightly bigger sizes. If I am allowed a picture I will be sure to put it up.

Now I am working on my lace cardigan from Rowan and also realizing that it is time to get the Dulaan box packed up (a few more items). I have already completed 7 items, and I know there are a few hats someone has made to add to the box, but it's not quite full yet. Some neckwarmers should be a fast knit. I was shocked last year to see it took 30 days to get to Arizona, so this year I will ship earlier.

As the weather after our three days of sun is supposed to turn back to clouds, cool and rain, I guess I'll get some knitting done this week! And I will make my first attempt at pictures this week as well ... I think.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Actual Knitting

Knitting for babies is always sweet. But when the baby is only 4 1/2 pounds? Too sweet! Here are two preemie cardigans based on the same pattern, just using different yarn and needles. The light blue one should fit now, and the dark blue (still needs to be sewn up) one in a month or so. Both are made out of acrylic baby yarn for ease of washing and to avoid any allergy reaction. The skein is for size reference!

I have one more on the needles before this little collection is ready to go.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Warning: Sappy Content Ahead (or Why I Love Knit Night)

I don't mean to get sappy here, but I do love Knit Night. And here's why....

When we started getting together over a year ago I was thrilled. I thought "great, people who like to knit and will want to talk about projects, yarn, etc." And I got that from this group and it is wonderful. But that isn't why I love it so much. What I wasn't expecting but got anyhow, was some great friends. I have never laughed as much as we do some knit nights. We share a common sense of humour which is delightful. More than that we have had many intense, truthful and thought-provoking discussions on many topics. From parenting, to schooling, to religion, to our city's development direction (or lack thereof); we all have opinions and all feel welcome to present them. Even on our knitting!

I wish for all those solitary knitters out there that not only can they find a group to knit with, but that they find a group that clicks (more than just the needles). That's what I found. And it rocks.

Finally I have arrived....

I have finally got it figured out after the mini tutorial from Shan last nite(thanks Shan!), and so here I am!
My list of UFO is considerably smaller, as I have to be realistic about what I can accomplish.... ok maybe not really realistic, but my pile is smaller.
Presently I am working on an Aran Cardigan in natural undyed Australian Wool - almost done the last sleeve - then it is time for blocking and putting the neckband on. Yahoo! Can't wait till it's done.
Other items are :
Black mistake rib sweater for my daughter (ripped out many many times! I have to have the pattern done this time, before I start)
socks for my Mom
socks for someone else (not begun yet )
Eco-yarn (made from what I don't know!) from (gulp) Walmart - for a prototype sweater
And there is a lot more wool waiting patiently for me in well marked packages in my wool stash!
Enjoy our weekly knitting jams - looking forward to next Wednesday..

Monday, April 16, 2007

What's Next for our Heroine?

This is just a list of what I'm planning to start soon, if I don't hang myself first, using yarn unravelled from Ogee...

1- I am in between socks at the moment - more or less waiting for my Sockapalooza 4 pal to be assigned to I can start on their pair.

2- There is a baby in the offing from one of Mr. HSB's only friends - Wendy and her fiance have just discovered they are expecting, so I've got some time. I'm considering another Sirdar design, using the lovely but squeaky Snuggly DK. I saw a very pretty (and gender neutral) seafoam colour at Capital Iron last time I was in Victoria. I'll pick it up next time I'm there...gotta love the discount: I think it was about $4.50 a ball.

3- I will also be starting another 'belly drape' soon for my bellydancing costume. I could use another one - it's a simple stockinette triangle with a border of garter, knit with ribbon yarn. Then I attach coins all down the long edges, and it tucks up inside my choli for dancing...covers the stretch marks. I'm procrastinating starting this one because I don't like working with the abominable ribbon yarn.

4- I am getting edgy about my planned Clapotis. I started wondering whether it would be too soft to work with the dropped stitches, and then I got a comment to that effect from another blogger. I think I may reconsider Clap...I will start swatching for a Malabrigo wrap just as soon as I finish the damned Ogee Tunic. That should help me stay motivated. I have wound one skein into a dreamy little turban of a centre-pull-ball, and it sits on my coffee table in mute encouragement.

5- As soon as the Ogee is finished, I will also start a tank I'm planning from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Knits Collection 1. I have the yarn already, of course (stash knitting only right now) and the pattern is a nice simple, stockinette tank with a reverse stockinette panel at centre front, containing a St John's Cross. Should be nice in my pink Silky Wool.

So overall I've got a lot to do this spring. First I just have to finish the stupid tunic...

While We're on the Subject

I figure I should take my cue from Kate and list my WIPs. Here they are, all of them.

1- The Dreaded Ogee Tunic. Knitting Nature, 100% cotton bundled yarn (as opposed to plied, woven, or wrapped) which is painfully slow to knit with. I am in Sleeveland on this one - midway through 1 of 2, front and back are done. I'm just not feeling the love on this sweater...but I will soldier on.

2- Cousin's Baby's Trellis. It's stretching the truth a bit to call this a WIP - all it's waiting for is the buttons (waiting for the past 11 months) and the baby has already grown out of it. Naturally. Looks like this will be my first item for our table at the Christmas Craft Fair.

3- Anemoi Mittens. Discouraged by the sizing issues, I have to either rip out the whole first mitten and reknit it or, more likely, start again using a different sized needle, just to get myself going again. These mittens fall under the category of Gift Knitting for Xmas, so I have lots of time to decide.

I started to list my planned projects (Projected Projects?) but realized it was really most appropriate for a separate post. More later, therefore....wait with bated breath!

In the Interest of Total Honesty

I found two more projects. Knew I would. A top down raglan sweater, and a bag that will be felted.
On the plus side I did finish the preemie cardigan last night as predicted. On the negative side it is totally wrong (pattern has the wrong number of stitches to begin with, methinks) so it's back to square one.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

On the Needles

Well, I thought starting with what is on my needles would make sense. Of this amazing group of women I tend to be struck with multi-project syndrome the most, although there are others catching up quickly.

All the projects I can think of on my needles at the moment:
  • Toe-up feather and fan sock #2
  • Preemie cardigan (for a work friend's 4lb preemie!)
  • Shaker (with short sleeves) from A Treasury of Rowan Knits
  • Kiri shawl #2
  • Mitered Square blanket
  • Vest
  • Dishcloth (always one going)

That is everything I can think of at the moment, and looking at it makes me feel better as it is not as long as I had thought. The Preemie cardigan will be done tonight.
Soon to be on the needles -- a tanktop in cotton.
As I don't know how to link yet these patterns will go unlinked for now (Shan, a tutoring session may be in order).
I look forward to this becoming a place for us all to share, show and learn.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Welcome to River Stitch!

This blog is maintained by a group of women on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, who meet weekly to talk, eat, laugh, and knit. We're a versatile bunch - all knitters, but some of us also crochet, sew, cross-stitch and quilt. This will be a central place for us to discuss and display our projects, talk technique, share stories, and generally keep in touch with the wider crafting world.

Some of us also maintain personal blogs - you can find links in the sidebar.