Monday, April 16, 2007

While We're on the Subject

I figure I should take my cue from Kate and list my WIPs. Here they are, all of them.

1- The Dreaded Ogee Tunic. Knitting Nature, 100% cotton bundled yarn (as opposed to plied, woven, or wrapped) which is painfully slow to knit with. I am in Sleeveland on this one - midway through 1 of 2, front and back are done. I'm just not feeling the love on this sweater...but I will soldier on.

2- Cousin's Baby's Trellis. It's stretching the truth a bit to call this a WIP - all it's waiting for is the buttons (waiting for the past 11 months) and the baby has already grown out of it. Naturally. Looks like this will be my first item for our table at the Christmas Craft Fair.

3- Anemoi Mittens. Discouraged by the sizing issues, I have to either rip out the whole first mitten and reknit it or, more likely, start again using a different sized needle, just to get myself going again. These mittens fall under the category of Gift Knitting for Xmas, so I have lots of time to decide.

I started to list my planned projects (Projected Projects?) but realized it was really most appropriate for a separate post. More later, therefore....wait with bated breath!

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Kate said...

I'm feeling a little cluttered with my list now - although the 11 month old Trellis makes me feel better ;)
And the Christmas Table ... once the Dulaan box is packed that one will begin in earnest!