Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kauni Hat

Finally got my chance to work with Kauni yarn! It is lovely to work with, I thought it would be scratchy on my hands but it wasn't. 

Pattern: Knit a Hat, by Ruth Sorenson, for sale from Fun Knits here.
Yarn: Kauni Effects EI and Kauni Solid Baby Blue SS1, also from Fun Knits. A small amount of green sock yarn from the left-overs tub.
Needle size: 2.75mm circular and dpns
The only modification is that I didn't sew up the ribbing underneath. I like the look of it folded like in the picture, and the colour change.

What I liked about these hat patterns is that Ruth is very upfront about the fit. She reminds the knitter that tension on a two-colour pattern can be tricky. A hat will fit someone. As I don't like pure wool on my delicate forehead (starts to itch within minutes) this hat will go in the gift basket most likely.

It was a challenge for me, as I don't do a lot of two colour knitting, but I enjoyed it. I will certainly be trying another hat from the collection!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fishing Mitts

Well, I haven't got the sweater done yet but I did manage to knit some fingerless mitts for fall fishing. Because Mr. Kate likes lake fishing he spends a fair bit of time rowing as well as hanging on to the fly rod, and his hands are getting pretty cold at this time of year. So I found some wool in my stash and knit him a pair of fingerless mitts. I started and finished them in 4 hours!

Details: Fingerless Fishing Mitts
Yarn: Unknown Wool, two strands (one worsted, one sock weight)
Needles: 6.5mm double points
Pattern: My own. I'm happy to write it up if anyone is interested.