Friday, October 26, 2007

The Ocean Ripple Wrap

I don't know if I can bear to part with this wrap. I'm calling it The Ocean Ripple Wrap. I based it on a stitch pattern found in The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery, by Mildred Graves Ryan. The stitch is called Lace Wings, and is apparently found in Dutch stitch patterns. I then added a garter stitch border. I love the way the colour flows along the lace, giving the feel of water along pebbles at the edge of the shore. I picture this wrap over a coat, or even as an accent for a nice turtleneck and a pair of jeans. It will be very hard for me to part with it, as I love it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Progress Report

No pictures today, but a progress report.
  1. Mum's wrap is five rows from being cast off. I have to go get some wire to block it properly, I think, so the edges are nice and even. I so love the Sweatermaker yarn I used, which I got at Fun Knits. A laceweight merino, in a line called Island Hues. Beautiful variegated blue, like soft blue jeans. Will have pictures once it is blocked and dry.
  2. Have begun Dad's Cycling Aran. I am using a very light 55% wool/45% acrylic blend from Lang yarns, called Tosca Jaspe. It is so light and lovely. Am just on the left front, so will post pictures when I have more progress.
  3. Mum's sock #1 is past the heel and on to the foot. I am doing a blueberry waffle pattern on the leg with a plain foot. She pointed out to me again the other day how much she loves my socks, and that they are all she wears. I love making her socks.
  4. Three dishclothes are finished; a rib lace one, a garterlac one and a checked one.

That is it for now.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Every Jedi Needs A Scarf

On a visit to Fun Knits, I let the boy pick out a ball of yarn for a new scarf. His choice was a ball of Bernat Sox, in a rather bright colour way (perhaps called Fiesta, but not sure). A simple knit1 purl 1 stitch pattern, with slipped stitch edges at the start of every row.

Just long enough to wrap around the neck and back.

I love slipped stitch edges!

Pronounced a success by our resident Jedi.