Monday, October 1, 2007

Every Jedi Needs A Scarf

On a visit to Fun Knits, I let the boy pick out a ball of yarn for a new scarf. His choice was a ball of Bernat Sox, in a rather bright colour way (perhaps called Fiesta, but not sure). A simple knit1 purl 1 stitch pattern, with slipped stitch edges at the start of every row.

Just long enough to wrap around the neck and back.

I love slipped stitch edges!

Pronounced a success by our resident Jedi.


Peg-woolinmysoup said...

I love the slipped stitch edge too! I like his choice and more important, he seems to love it too!
Must chat sometime about the LYS you visit and why!

Shan said...

Hey you're done! Good work!

Theresa said...

The edges are quite professional-looking. Very nice.

Kate said...

Thanks, everyone!
He even wore it to school this morning, with gloves and, of course, shorts. Sigh.