Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We Have Pictures

Guess I should have read the small print about not being able to upload TIFF files, eh? Too bad, as they degrade faster in jpeg format. Anyhoo, here are my blue pictures, to go with Shan's stunning blue sweater (love it).

We have perennial bachelor buttons -- cool huh?

And we have blue sweater. Sleeve 2 is growing!


Anonymous said...

Kate and Shannon -
Beautiful Blues!

Where did you get the yarn Kate? - I would love to get some - it is so soft and the verigation is not clumpy - looks great...Shannon - the sweater looks like a designer sweater for many $$$$$ - just great!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Beautiful blue sweater - I read through, and I see you love blue! I think the sweater is very much like the Elizabeth Zimmerman sweaters that you take your gauge and then the percentages are laid out for you by Elizabeth and you design the size of your own sweater.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Sometime you are coming down to Uptown, give me a shout and we can meet! Did you know there is also a yarn shop in Cumberland?
I think I may be known as the $2.00 queen at Uptown! Smile! I often buy marked down yarns when they are of good quality and I try to get enough for a sweater or two.
Love the baby sweaters you did in the various shades of blue, or were they done by Shan?

Kate said...

Thanks for dropping by, Peg!
I've certainly been in a blue frame of mind with my knitting lately, although my favourite colour is actually green!
The baby sweaters were mine, there were three in the end. The little pale blue one still fits the baby!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Me again! Do you go over to Fun Knits? The Retreat this year was terrific, and she is doing it again next year at the end of March - I have signed up already.
You must be on the computer just now, too!

Kate said...

I work from home, on the computer, so check in fairly often (no comments, Shan, on how often fairly is).
We all looked at the retreat this year, but sadly it didn't work out. I have not made it to Fun Knits yet, but a couple others on the blog here love it. And I do have yarn from the store, thanks to Shan!