Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I think I might have figured this out....

So here are two of my current favourite knitting projects. Shaker, from Rowan (designed by Kim Hargreaves), being knit in Elle Cotton Fields 4 ply, 50% cotton/50% Dralon. My mum picked up this yarn on a trip to South Africa, to knit a cotton sweater for my son. There was a lot left over. It is a true red, not orange/red like the picture. A departure from my usual shades of green, but I figure with the lace it won't be too much for me!

The next project is a sock using Wendy's generic toe-up Feather and Fan pattern. This is my first toe-up sock, which makes it special. And yes, sock number 2 is on the needles!
The yarn is Super Socks, 75%superwash wool and 25%Polyamide. A little crunchier than Kroy to knit up but I think with washing that will go away. This pattern thrilled me, and caused me to show everyone I could to look at the cool toe (!!) I just made. No, really, LOOK!

Finally we have beautiful Parrot Tulips. A new addition planted last fall, and a good reminder that even with our bleah weather, spring is here!



Shan said...

Wow those parrot tulips are kind of sexual looking.

And HEY! Nice red lace! It'll look cute on Boy-o.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kate - new red lace - fabulous sox and very sexy tulips - you're all over it!!