Monday, May 28, 2007

Spring is in the Air!

Woo hoo, spring is here at last! The garden is all abuzz with new flowers every week, and the sunshine sure feels nice. Last year I added alliums to the beds, scattered here and there. Aren't they awesome? The bees really like them as well.

I have started two new projects. One is a secret, so you just get a peek for now .... red and white!

The other one is a baby blanket for yet another baby at Mr. Kate's work. This is being made in CottonTots (Bernat) and will be randomly striped. Mr. Kate is quite bothered by the sudden baby boom at his work -- he thinks he better not drink the water for a while!

I hope to have some knitting from other members of this group in the next couple of days, there are some lovely little girl clothes being put together!


Shan said...

Beaut allium.

Anonymous said...

Hey you. Thanks. Hope they're still in the garden next week. We miss you.

Anonymous said...

just so you know - we are here( reading, just not always contributing!) and just not so great at posting yet - gotta figure out how to do pictures too!! As always it great to get together to knit and yak last nite....the projects that you and Sunmi are doing are terrific! When we do our knitting weekend( say Feb or March) - you are going to have to do a DEMO on kool-aid dying - the finished product is amazing.. I want to do every colour if possible!
Hurry home Shannon... Sunmi is having an outdoor nite next week with smores and a fire if the weather holds... be a chance to catch up before seeing the Yarn Harlot....
talk soon,

Shan said...

Any chance of postponing knitting night until Thursday?