Saturday, June 2, 2007

Shout out to the Group

Sorry, ladies, for using the blog as a message board...but I am having trouble sending email and accessing my address book.


What are the plans for the Yarn Harlot pilgrimage next weekend? I am arriving back in town on or about Wednesday. The speech at James Bay is on Saturday evening, and the knit in Saxe Pt Park on Sunday afternoon. Are you all planning to attend both events, or only one? And if you are only attending the evening speech, are you planning to drive back home the same night? We need to think about travel and accommodation plans.

I have a friend in Rockland who will put the kids and me up for the night, if we are planning to stay for the Saxe Pt event. Alternatively, if you had hotel fun in mind, we'd need to make plans PDQ and get some reservations and talk budgets.

If you want to go back home on Saturday night, I could leave the kids at home, since we'd be returning at around 1:00 AM.

Let me know what to do...I have to arrange kid stuff if we're going to be in Victoria overnight.

See you soon!


Kate said...

Hi Shan,

The family is coming down with me, as we are going to go to Titanic on Sunday. That way they can hang out Sat evening/night while we go to the Harlot (I was running out of options on the little boy, as otherwise Mr.Kate would have been working Saturday). We don't really want to go back to Victoria in the summer, so this was the best opportunity.
Sunmi is camping at Goldstream with all her crew, and meeting us at the talk.
We can talk about a yarn crawl on Saturday afternoon, and then we can all go together. We will need to meet up before the talk anyhow, to assure we get seats together! And we might want to go out after, depending on when it ends.
I also have news about a yarn store closing out in Langford, I talked to them yesterday. Not a ton of great stuff left, but would still be worth a look, I think.
If you are back by Wed we are at Sunmi's that evening, in the yard by the fire!

Anonymous said...

Didn't see your previous comment re: changing knitting to Thursday. i'm sure it's doable, I just have to get someone for an hour or so for boy, as Mr. Kate works that night (or at least, usually does). Will let you know from Sunmi tomorrow ....

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Kate: I am not part of your group and I am not going to Victoria, but I want to write, as you visited my blog. I love having no more than four projects on the go and as you can see I love a jade/blue and red! Do you visit Fun Knits? She is now planning to have two knitter's retreats a year - one this October and one next March. You can put your name down, by going to her blog, and then you will get a chance to go and also it is not a committment, but a chance to learn what is being offered!
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I can't get a sitter Thursday, Shan. But how about we do both nights? Anyone who wants to can come to my palce as well the Thursday night.
We did that the first week you were away so that Karen could come (after I got her lost, but that's another story).

gail said...

Kate, thanks for the comment on my blog. You asked about how I decided which squares went where in the left over sock yarn blanket. Well, I made rules for myself to make the project easier. One rule was that I had to sew the square into the blanket as soon as I finished it. Now, I sew the squares onto the blanket when I have enough for a row. Thus, I don't have to scrutinize and agonize over where which square should go. And, thanks for describing your cat's sucking habits--we were afraid our cat was seriously demented. At least there are two blanket sucking cats in the world!!