Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Must Be The Weather ....

This unsettled weather made me bunker down today and finish some projects. No pictures, sorry.

First up I finished the feather and fan toe-up socks. Loved the pattern, and am happy to have made toe-up at last. They are blocking from their wash now, and I am hoping that the washing softens up the yarn, as it was a little crunchy almost when knitting. Will keep you posted.

Second up I have finished two ball-band dish clothes for A's teacher. Always a good gift, and fun to make.

Third up, although this was actually from the week-end, I finished the back on my red lace cardigan. Today I cast on and got about two inches knit on the left front.

But it has all caught up to me tonight. I am working on the cotton striped baby blanket, and I keep knitting where I should be purling. I'm blaming the rain, myself ....


Anonymous said...

Even tho the rain has affects us in dismal ways... wow.... you are getting a lot of knitting done.. way to go.
Hope to make it tonite, off to Victoria for important stuff, (tho not as important/fun as our journey to see the Harlot). Toe up socks, only did a practice mini sock at a seminar with Lucy Neatby in Sideny... have to try them again... soon.
talk later,

Olga said...

Hi yah! thanks for coming by my blog, and thanks for the heads up on bears! Who knew??? This is cool you have a group blog here, I tried to get one going but nada. Anyhoo, neat to meet 'cha.

Anonymous said...

i'm here!!(finally^^)

to find this blog,
i had to open all the mails
that i got from you guys..

but, i bookmarked too. hehe..

see you soon!!!