Monday, June 11, 2007

What a Fieldtrip

So we went to hear herself speak in Victoria Saturday night. We all made our way to Victoria and met outside the James Bay Community Centre (with Sunmi cutting it close to the wire, but phew, she made it). We got seats at the back, because we're just that kind of group.

My best estimate is 150 people, although I could be way off base there (girls?). [EDITED TO ADD: Sunmi thinks over 200.] What a riot Stephanie is. Her delivery, humour and wry wit had us in gales of laughter. She also often had us saying "Yes, exactly!" I think that is the delight of hearing her speak. Not only is she very very good at what she does, but also for at least an hour you truly feel like here is someone who GETS IT. This person gets why knitting makes us all crazy, and why it draws us. She knows what we worry about, what we think about and what we wish for (at least when it comes to knitting). I laughed as hard as, well, as I do some knit nights. And that is a wonderful thing.

We all worked on knitting while we sat there. Here is Shan, who cast this on just before Stephanie started speaking. I never did ask what it was!

All in all it felt like a delightful and successful field trip. I hope there are more in our future.


Shan said...

Hey, look at you with the sneaky profile shot!

Kate said...

you were just concentrating on what you were doing I guess :)

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Sounds like it was just the best time! Glad you were all able to go!
I have signed up for the Knitter's Retreat on Quadra for October. Perhaps I will get to meet some of you there!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kate, getting pictures and all.... it was great to go down to Victoria and drink it all in and to see the Harlot in person - just great! Anyway I so realized that I miss a lot about Victoria, but am so glad that I have my world here which includes great (knitting) friends and a beautiful enviornment... another trip is necessary tho, just take in the knitting shops... Boutique de Laine, Patricia's Knitting in Sidney and perhaps the old one on Moss Street, and the one in Langford - which I think is closing down. So many things to do! It was great that all made it - very fun.

gail said...

What fun going to hear the Yarn Harlot! I saw her in St. Paul when we were there passing through, so I was alone. She was great!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, the cotton is tricky but I think it will be nice in the end. It drapes very well, due to the very fine gauge of the yarn.

Kate said...

Thanks for dropping by, Gail and Peg!