Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Is Here, I Think.

Well, the weather may not be cooperating, but according to the calendar it is summer. Someone tell the sun that!

I have gardens and knitting to share today. How about all of you?


The baby blanket is much closer to completion, perhaps 3/4 done? This is a good thing, as my green is getting low and I don't want to buy anymore yarn for it!

I started new socks (no, I don't already have enough projects on the needles. socks are little anyhow, they don't count). This is the Monkey sock pattern from Knitty (by Cookie A.) that is popping up in blogland. A great pattern, and I like the look with this yarn. By the time I get to the foot I have to decide if these socks are for my mom or me -- her foot is two sizes bigger!

After washing the green feather and fan socks they are delightful. Soft but solid. Will definitely make this pattern again.


Even with the weather things are happening in the garden. Just a few shots, to appease the garden gods :)

Peas!! Yum.


Shan said...

Hey, I posted lilies yesterday too!

I like your ones - pretty colour.

Anonymous said...

Your lilies inspired me :)

These ones are pretty tall, so the colour is really visible, which I like. They have opened before all the others though, so they look a little lonely.