Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Road to Hell.

Kate posted a long time ago about putting up our Christmas lists - that is, the things we have to knit for Christmas. I meant to get around to it but didn't until today.

My problem this year is, NOTHING IS WORKING OUT. Here is what I had planned:

1- Aran sweater for FIL
2- Print o' the Wave lace stole for MIL
3- mittens for my sister (later SOCKS for my sister)
4- spiral scarves for all my nieces
5- wristers for my SIL
6- socks for my brother

and what has happened to all these fine intentions?

1- still working out, thank God.
2- ran out of yarn. Haven't heard yet whether Shelley has been able to find me more. And, in my last conversation with my mother-in-law, she said "I once had one of those shawl wrap things...I wore it a few times but it kept sliding off my sloping shoulders and it drove me crazy." Doesn't bode well.
3- my sister didn't like mittens. So I cast on Chuck's Cabled Socks, accidentally reversed the needle sizes, and ended up with a sock that has enormous ribbing and a cruelly tight ankle. Gave up.
4- Gwen saw the scarves while visiting, and, trying to let me down easy, didn't give me much hope that her daughter will wear it. Apparently if she has seen a similar thing on someone cool, we're golden. If not....well, I guess a wrinkled nose is all I can expect. The donation bin will get these.
5- wristers.....yeah, right. NEXT.
6- wool socks for my brother? who wears like a size 12 shoe and lives in North Carolina? Again I say Yeah Right.

I'm a bit cast down about it actually, but I have made my peace with the situation and am content to just knit the Aran. If THAT doesn't work out, then I will be truly distraught, and qualify as an utter failure.

It's that old story about whether people appreciate it. I've come to realize it doesn't bother the intended recipients not to receive the knitting I had planned for them - at least, not nearly as much as it bothers me not to give it. My people, as far as I can see, would rather have a DVD or a couple of books. It costs me, what...$20 for that?

So, we'll finish off the Aran sweater, and that'll be it. If I get the stole done, maybe it can be a Mothers' Day gift for my mother-in-law, along with a nice pin to keep it on her shoulders. Or, maybe I'll rent a table at a craft fair one of these days, and sell it for $200. And use that money to buy yarn to make something for.........myself.

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Kate said...

If it makes you feel any better, tomorrow I'm posting about a sock that is gorgeous, 6 inches in, and needs to be ripped.
I am trying to make sure the knits are things people will appreciate, and WEAR. It's hard.