Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love, in the form of a Sweater

Oh, how I love thee, Cycling Aran. I love your cables up the front, your comfy ribbed back, your stand-up collar and stylish fit. I love the easy pattern, and the delicious yarn used (Tosca Jaspe). My Dad will love you as well. All you need is a zip, and we are good to go.

This was a great pattern to knit up, although it assumes a knowledge of construction (it is quite terse but it all works if you have knit a sweater or two). The sleeves will be too long for my Dad but they fold back easily, and I don't think I will change them now.

Phew, another one off the list (at least the knitting is done on this one)!!

PS Better pictures to come when I can get someone to take one. As my dad and I are the same size it fits me so nicely. I wants it. (This is getting to be a problem.)


Yarnhog said...

Congratulations! It looks wonderful. Can we have a modeled shot after the holidays?

Shan said...

Next sunny day, grab some jeans and shades and head over to my place. I'll take some photos because as I mentioned tonight THIS THING LOOKS INCREDIBLE ON YOU.

Kate said...

Thanks Shan. I'm NOT keeping it. NOT, you hear me? (Yes, I'm talking to myself here.)