Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Such Thing as "Too Early"

Christmas knitting has begun. I am planning to work 5 of these spiral scarves this year, with matching wristers, for the nieces.
I know it's a bit cheapy and not very nice yarn or anything, but the thing is they're children, and not too discerning as to fibre. I hope they'll like them, anyway, even if they're not fancy or expensive. The ruffled scarf and matching ruffled wristers (not made yet) will be cute together, sticking out of the girls' winter coats.

And here's the first progress shot of my MIL's print o' the wave stole:
I have to work a total of 34 of these repeats (I've done 6 in two days) then pick up for the edging. Should be interesting - first lace project. I had signed up for MS3 but didn't find a satisfactory yarn so abandoned the project after the swatch stage. This is better - I like how it looks finished and I wouldn't have wanted to take the chance on an unknown outcome for a Christmas present. This pattern is nice and easy to memorize too. I can't tell you how much I love the yarn - "Island Hues" by Judy McLean of Sweatermaker (a hand-spinner/dyer from Courtenay, I believe). Fun Knits and at Uptown Yarns both stock her yarn and fibre, though she doesn't have a website of her own.
So, we're off! Only four months left of knitting time!


Anonymous said...

Look at you doing all the presents! Very nice.
I find people love those scarves made from boucle or novelty yarns, so don't worry about it.
Print of the Wave is beautiful.

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

I am seriously looking at Print of the Wave!
Where did you get that cute little ruffly scarf pattern? Little girls can really be 'drama queens' with something like that to fling over their shoulders!
I have done most of my Christmas knitting!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Shan! Thanks so much for the pattern for the Spiral Scarf. I have printed it and as soon as I get something off the needles, I will cast on and make a gift or something for myself!!

Olga said...

I like the scarf too. I think I saw it some place called the potatoe chip scarf because you can't just make one. And hey Kate!
Thanks for commenting on me blog!You need to get your very own blog so we can visit yah! ;o)

gail said...

Oh, your print of the wave shawl is beautiful! What a splendid first lae project!! And, the idea for spiral scarves for Christmas is perfect. The girls will love them.