Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Knitting, complete

(FYI, this is written by Kate, not Shan as it says at the bottom. Shan was kind enough to take the photos and upload them for me. Thanks Shan!)

Well, having looked at my list I would say I have done well.
I have completed:
  • wrap and two pairs of socks for my mum
  • sweater for my dad (see pictures of it on me below - we are the same size)
  • mittens for my step-mom
  • head wrap for my sister-in-law
  • pair of socks for friend
  • scarf for father-in-law
  • wash clothes
  • miscellaneous gifts not to be mentioned before the knit group's Christmas party :)

Of course, most of these items are already being wrapped without being photographed, but at this time of year I just don't remember everything I should. (For instance, today I forgot to check on the hot lunch volunteers. As one of the coordinators today was my day to do that. I forgot. No volunteer showed up. Teachers handed out the pizza. Oops.)

So now it is a week before Christmas. The one big project still on my needles is my sister-in-law's sweater. I do have the back finished and a good start on the front, but this might wait for her birthday in February, as I don't feel the urge to speed knit it. Or I might just give it to her in the New Year. We'll see where we get with it.

I do want to make some hats for a friend's family as well.

front of the cycling aran. I see the zip is crooked on me, but you can see the lovely fit and the stand up collar here. I hand sewed the zip in. Also note the lovely cables up each side, although in heathered charcoal they are hard to photograph!

the 3 by 2 ribbed back. Perfect for a snug fit while cycling in our west coast wet winters!

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KB said...

Your projects turned out marvelous Kate - as I think I got to see most if not all - you will have very happy family members when they get their gifts!